Lavazza Headquarter Sustainable Strategy. Turin. With Manens for Cino Zucchi

The proposed design of the new headquarters Lavazza CZA shows great attention to the history of the city and the neighborhood, as well as to the history and culture of the company. The office building, which communicates with the city through a large glazed atrium, takes the form of a large "cloud" that links together the various industrial buildings preserved and converted to new functions. The ground floor contains spaces in strong relationship with the public, creating a new green filter between the building and the city. Our consultancy focused on climatic design.

Client: Cino Zucchi  //   Type of Consultancy: Climatic Design  //  Year: 2012  // Team: Manens, Emanuele Naboni  //  Credits: Cino Zucchi, Manens, Emanuele Naboni

Telecom Italia Sustainable Campus. with UNO-A and BEMaa

The Telecom Italia Sustainable Campus located in Rome, will be completed in 2017. The campus, used to be the ministery of Tresure and just the concrete structure is now existing. In a integrated design process, Sustainable Performances are seeked at both urban level and at the scale of buildings. Buildings contribute to a urban microclimate by allowing air to circulate from the EUR lake to the surrounding. Outdoor comfort modelling supported the strategy development. Buildings are optimized with the addition of tall and vegetated cavedium. The facade varies in each side or part of the building creating a variable daylighting and a stimulating thermal environment. LCA optimization of the facadae was performed.

With Uno-A, BeMAa,   //  Urban and Building sustainable Strategies and Simulations // Year: 2011  //  Team: Emanuele Naboni  //  Credits: Telecom Italia