High Performance Ceramic Tiles Developement and Design. Modena. With Laminam and Politecnico di Milano.

Laminam, a thin and extrasize ceramic tile was prototyped in  ollaboration with Politecnico di Milano for application in opaque ventilated façade system, designed and built in Italy. We contributed with the development of new prototypes and by monitoring and characterizing the thermal perfromances. A recent application of the prototyped system is the Natali Building in La Spezia (below).

Client: Lamina, Politecnico di Milano  //   Type of Consultancy: Building Envelope Prototyping  //  Year: 2007  //  Team: Laminam, Ezio Arlati, Emanuele Naboni //  Credits: Laminam

Santander Building Envelope. Milan. with Mario Cucinella and Politecnico Milano

Partnering with Politecnico di Milano and Ingrid Paoletti we worked on the Santander project by MCA. The office building (12,000 m2) integrate two distinct areas: one on the ground floor, fully intended for footpaths and green areas, and one inside of a raised platform, dedicated to office and service functions. The project involves the installation of 2,400 m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof, the use of ground water heat pumps, a high performative envelope, and an external shading system. These strategies reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Client: Mario Cucinella, Politecnico di Milano  //  Type of Consultancy: Building Envelope Optimization, Shading System Development  //  Year: 2010  //  Team: Ingrid Paoletti, Emanuele Naboni  //  Credits: Mario Cucinella

Soft Cells Ceilings Product Green Compliances. Copenhagen. with Kvradt

Kvadrat Soft Cells are ceiling panels that control sound absorption, daylighting and thermal comfort. The project dealt with the product design and development and on how the product can contribute to sustainable design volountary certification systems.  By doing so, it was optimize the environmental quality of interiors appliations while boosting productivity and well-being of occupants. As a result, Soft Cells support accreditation under green building certifications system when used as building component. Below is the application of the system in Norman Foster's office in London.

Client: Soft Cells A/S  //  Type of Consultancy: LEED certification  //  Year: 2010  //  Team: Jesper Nielsen, Emanuele Naboni  //  Credits: Soft Cells A/S